Everyday Life™ Album—Black

Item Number: Z3208

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Hardcover black album with gold foil design. 9⅜" × 8¼" × 1½"; 1" 3-ring. Cover made of polyurethane-covered dense paperboard; inside lined with white photo-safe paper.

Place photos and our Picture My Life™ pocket scrapbooking cards in our 8" × 6", 4" × 6", and 4" × 3" Memory Protectors™, which are perfectly sized for our Everyday Life™ album, to create a cute, mini pocket scrapbooking album. Or use our My Crush® Everyday Life pages with double-sided, printed designs to create a mini scrapbook by adding photos to your pages with our Everyday Life™ washi tape or scrapbooking adhesive. You can also do a combination of both!